Well, i am very glad someone took the time to look into this… Is Bilbo Baggins contract in The Hobbit legally binding? | The Verge. Favourite line… unusually, the company can decide on its own arbitrator in the event of any disputes, and it’s unclear whether the laws of The Shire or the laws of the Dwarven Kingdom apply to the contract Um, you know its made up, yeah?

The second in my series of ‘Just make it easy for me to pay you’ posts. This ones a quick one, O2. Every month i go onto their site wanting to pay my bill and every month i click around for a good 5mins before i remember that they, for some un-user centric way, hide the pay function. Here is the payment pages (with my personal information blacked for obvious reasons)… The pay link is in the text that I (and i am sure i am not alone) never read.  Why would you?  You pay this every month, you are only interested in the total at the bottom.  Thats where your eyes immediately go to, put the ‘PAY’ button as close to[…]

Pauls Rules of UX 34: If a customer is holding their credit card wanting to give you money, make it as easy as humanly possible for them to achieve that! While creating my podcasts recently i came across Pond5.com.  A site packed full of images, videos and (most importantly to me) sound effects and music. I very quickly found what i was looking for, i found the interface (though not accessible on a iOS device) very intuitive and pleasant to use. However, their checkout process is another matter all together.  I find it extremely hard to believe Pond5 have done _any_ User Experience testing on their checkout process, there are so many ‘sticky spoons‘ i needed to pull them all[…]

So, a couple of weeks ago i attended ‘Future of web design’ in London. A fantastic 3 day event filled with fantastic talks and networking sessions. Due to the distance and the associated costs for my current employer we split the 2 day conference (the first day was workshops) between 3 members of our team; i attended the 1st day. I enjoyed every one of the talks i attended even though some were not directly related to my career path such as ‘Let jQuery Rock Your World’ by the very talented Matt Gifford. Side note; during Matt’s talk, i became his 1,000th follower, i was offered something from his pockets, I declined. And this leads me on nicely to the[…]

This Thursday, i happened across a company named Dealotto (http://dealotto.com). They put different images, icon sets, etc… up for sale in a sort of lottery type thing with a set top price. e.g. this icon set could be yours for $5-$25. Some sort of automagical process happens and you end up paying $19 (varies) for the icon set. I am guessing the theory is some people will pay too much, some too little but it all balances out for the designer who was selling it. Anyway, thats not the point. I used the service and tweeted “Hmmm, I love the design of @Dealotto but the registration form raises a few #ux flags for me (dealotto.com/register/)…” I then followed that up[…]

So, after years of being told that “I like the sound of my own voice” I decided to test that theory and head on over to The British Tech Network. To my shock, they agreed to let my random banter on their network?! And here it is… Sam’s first and last podcast Paul, Chis and Sam discuss the news and upcoming releases in the world of gaming. This week Sam alienates all Mario Fans, Chis gets comfortable and Paul still hasn’t completed Arkham City. Have a listen here…