On Monday, like most people, I received my usual daily torrent of junk mail (Vistaprint i’m looking at you in particular) but one stood out, mainly because of the first line (shown opposite).  “Dear [FIRST NAME]” it read, but wait, this was from Rackspace a company that would not make slip ups like this, they are a professional web savvy organization.  I then remembered their rather interesting marketting styles i have witnessed at a number of trade shows over the years, in particular the protest for “cheaper and better web hosting” outside Internet World in 2010.  So I came to the conclusion this was a new, interesting marketing style they were trying out.  I then realised that it had worked on me, I showed the email to a number of colleagues and went back to my work.

The following day I received this email….

If you can’t read the text it reads…

(Oops, that’s what got me in trouble the first time—isn’t it?)

My name is Adam Hansen and I love getting to know our customers here at Rackspace! I have had a chance to get to know many of you today after an email I sent this morning that had “Dear [FIRST NAME]” in the header.

I made an unfortunate mistake and wanted to apologize to you all for it. I would love to tell you that this is the first time in my life I have made a mistake, or that it’s the last. I think we both know better–I have fingers that look like little sausages, see below.

I know you count on Rackspace for many reasons, and attention to detail is one. I hope I haven’t diminished your confidence in us. If I can make it up to you, please let me know! My contact information is below.

Adam Hansen

What a great bit of PR, for starters the original email made me talk about Rackspace to colleagues, so they got more from me than i would have done had they not made that error.  Then they came back with a human, honest appology.  Not “We are sorry, we had a problem with a piece of software” or “The dog did it” or (like most companys) just gloss over it and hope no one noticed.  No, they were honest, and i like that!

Kudos Rackspace, I am happy to be your customer.

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