I just wanted to add my two cents to this media hype, yes, that what i believe it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen the problem and I have replicated the problem on my phone, in fact it has become something of a party piece of late.  But in regular use, when i am not trying to make it happen, I do not notice it, it doesn’t affect me and I would wager that the same is true for the majority of users.  I have yet to drop a call, or even loose signal for any reason other than i am in a “known O2 blackspot” or in a tunnel.

To be fair, I generally use the headphones when making a call, not to intentionally look like a ponce, simply because i find it more comfortable than holding the phone up to my ear, also, I have read it stops the phone frying my brain, or something like that.

The media loves to kick the big guys, they did it to Microsoft when they were on top, they did it to Nokia many moons ago when they were the big hitters.  They do it to football players, celebs, etc…  The fact is when you are as big as Apple is currently, you are a target for the media and, unfortunately, Apple has made it very easy for them, bottom line, talking about “antennagate” gets click and page views (why do you think i am writing about it).

So to summarise, sure there is a problem, Apple has provided a solution (the free bumper) and has illuded to a more permanent fix in September.  So stop talking about it and move onto the next thing, i am bored of hearing, talking and answering questions about it.

As a side to this, have a look at Antenna-aid (www.antenn-aid.com), this amused me.

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