The question: Should i get an iPhone4?

For those of you who know me quite well, you will be forgiven for double checking the URL of the site you are currently viewing. “Paul Wheatley, questioning buying an Apple product??? Has the world gone mad???”. Perhaps I should explain…

Since getting my iPad I rarely use my phone for anything beyond being a phone. Everything I would previously have used my iPhone for has been replaced with my iPad with the exception of SMS and using as an actual phone.

Sure, there are some new features of the iPhone4 that some may be interested in but not me. The main features are as follows…

Better camera and flash: I never use the current camera, and on the rare occasion I do, the one on my 3G does the job.

Facetime: Really? Will anyone use this?

A4 processor: sure, my 3G is sluggish at times but not enough to warranty a new phone.

iOS4: I am not gonna go into this in much detail but the only thing I really like about it is folders and I get that on my 3G.

Better screen: I use my iPad for most/all mobile content consumption.

New design: meh!

Finally, I am quite interested in Android, a number of friends who i have yet pull over to the Apple side of life have androids. It has crossed my mind to try it out, perhaps!

Will keep you posted!

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