Following my recent torrent of incoherent bloggings I have decided to write about what I wrote them on, exciting stuff, huh?

As soon as i got my iPad i bought Pages, I was looking forward to writing documents (and blogs) on the move as well as accessing my iDisk on the move and editing and viewing documents from it’s depths. The evening I got my iPad I sat on the train on the way home and set to work hammering out a blog post about my buying experience. I wrote about 2 pages of text and found the experience to be an interesting one, not awful. A few minor irritants such as my pinkie missing the shift key now and again and the bold function staying on long after i was such I had switched it off, but other than that i found it fine, i could see myself boring the back teeth off of many an enthusiastic Internet traveller when they happen across my blog and find all my gibberish I have tapped out.

As I pulled into Livingston south station I was still happy with the experience and couldn’t complain very much about it at all considering the amount of poor reports i had heard about the keyboard. but At this stage the idea of getting my content off the thing had not occurred to me. when i got home I lost my iPad to my 6 year old daughter for the weekend so dd not attempt to publish the article until i got into work on Monday. To my shock i discoved there was no way for me to get the document off of the device and onto my laptop. I don’t have an account, my work laptop is setup to a different iTunes user and due to some strange firewall issues at my work i can’t send email from my iPad, i was stuck!

In my lunch i decided to venture fourth into the app store in search for alternatives or solutions to getting my document off! I found a number of other ways of viewing the document, but not editing, i could browse to my google docs folder and copy/paste to a document there but that’s just hassle (I am a lazy, lazy man, I am the kind of guy who will do 10times the work the first time to only do a fifth of the work every time in the future). then I happened across Office2 (office squared). Office2 is a very competent application that allows you to edit & create word/pages/excel/numbers docs within 1 app that is the same price of just one of the apple apps!

To be fair to pages, Office2 does not come with as many features, but really, it has everything you will need to create and edit content at a basic level. I would imagine the majority of folks creating content on the iPad are likely to to move it into another application before using the document for it’s final purpose, though i might be wrong. It has all the main stuff such as font face, size, B, I, U, right, left, centre and justify, background and text colors.

But the extra that Office2 has that just wins hands down for me is the ability to connect in your iDisk, drop box,, google docs and a variety of others. You can open files from one of those services, edit them and save them back there, you can create content within the app and choose to save it locally or on one of those services. this is something that pages should have done (and might still do) but for now, Office2 wins for me.

That being said, there are some small issues, backspacing seams to have a bug if you are deleting more than 5 consecutive words, you have to move your cursor to another part of the page then return to the delete point and continue for a further 5 words. also the magnifying glass has some issues, it appears about an inch to the right of where you are selecting, this is fine if you are looking at the left of the page or the centre but if you are trying to select something on the right the magnifying glass is non existent. The biggest issue i have come across so far though is the lack of spell check, it may be there somewhere, i just can’t find it. It has the basic spellcheck where it suggests the word it thinks you mean or tries to auto complete for you, similar to the iPhone but it doesn’t have the red underline as with Pages. But that might not be too much of an issue for some people. 

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