Being a well known Apple fanboy within my friends I would not be surprised if many of those people would be expecting me to rave about the awesomeness of the device and dry hump the thing across the pages of my blog. any they would be right to think that, after all, I am the guy who has said on many occasions that i would have bought it without seeing it!. If Mr Jobs had come on stage holding a black cube with a question mark on it back in January you can bet that i would have been first in the queue to purchase this new mystery Apple device. That being said, I am going to try and give the iPad a fair review, after all, this review is pretty much for my own documentation as many, many people have went before me.

Why do i need one?
The first question people ask me when mention that I own one. It was also the first question i was asked, while still within the Apple store, last Friday. While waiting in the queue to have my iPad activated I began chatting to a chap sitting next to me, his first question to me was “do you know why you bought it?”, and its a question i have had to answer again and again since getting my shiny new toy.

For me I needed a netbook, as mentioned before I have 2 hours on a train everyday and i need something to amuse me during that time. When I listed all the things i wanted from a net book it was clear that an iPad could provide me with everything i needed and in shiny Apple package. I did seriously consider a hackintoshed Dell mini 10v mainly for the ability to use Cocoa & Coda on the train. But after soaking to a few folks to had a hackintosh Dell I decided against it.

My thoughts…
well I have only had the thing since Friday and i don’t see the point in going on about how fantastic and revolutionary it is, I think Apple, the media and ptty much everyone before me has covered that. What I want to talk about is the things i am disappointed with, there’s not many, but there are a few.
First, the lack of cross application communication. I know i shouldn’t be surprised at this, iPhone doesn’t have it, nothing i read suggested the iPad would have it but, I didn’t realize how much i would want it untill i started using the iPad. Let me explain what i mean in context. I have a drop box, and an iDisk, I want to open files from either of these locations, make changes and save the document back to my dropbox/iDisk. I can’t do it, or at least i havn’t found a way to do it yet. I downloaded a couple of apps last night that claim to resolve this issue but i haven’t had time to test these out yet, i will report back if they solve my problems.
Second, the screen. the screen is gorgeous, straight out of the box, watching a movie and it is lovely. however after about an hour you start to notice that it has more visible finger prints than a set of CSI. It seams to attract them like a Ned to Burberry. I have discovered that the only solution to this is to carry around a cloth with my iPad at all times, annoying, but nessisary.
Third, Websites that detect your iPad as an iPhone or other mobile device. This is not Apples fault, and really its not the website owners fault, it’s just more of an inconvenience that isn’t really anyones fault and i am sure a solution will be found in the near future, but for now it’s annoying. the biggest culprits I have found are, and (I am sure there are others, those are the only 3 that have caused me a problem). Out of these three amazon and hotmail though annoying and clunky are usable. but hootsuite is awful. I love the service, it’s all I use on my desktop for Twitter but the iPHone app is pretty poor, even worse when 2xed on the iPad. My first thought when i ran across this issue was; not a problem, i can just use the website on the iPad…. Sadly no, when you login to the web service it prompts you to purchase the iPhone app with no obvious way to say “no thank you” and proceed to the web interface, it makes me very sad.
Fourth, the lack of connectivity. Now before I start on this one, I just want to say I bought the WiFi iPad, not the 3G one so one could argue that its my own fault that I don’t have connectivity? True. However I am more bother by the amount of apps that rely on connectivity. I enjoy reading RSS on the train, i find this is the best time for me to consume RSS, I don’t have the time to consume RSS at work or at home (incidentally that’s not a complaint as such, i love my family and my job and prefer to spend time with them as opposed to reading RSS) the train is the best time for me to read it but all iPad apps rely on a connection for me to read RSS, also many other apps rely on a web connection, this annoys me.

Anyway i have rambled on enough, and if you have found yourself reading all of my meanderings, well done to you, I rarely read that much of anyones blog and therefore do not expect anyone to read that much of mine.

But thank you all the same.

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