I just wanted to add my two cents to this media hype, yes, that what i believe it is. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen the problem and I have replicated the problem on my phone, in fact it has become something of a party piece of late.  But in regular use, when i am not trying to make it happen, I do not notice it, it doesn’t affect me and I would wager that the same is true for the majority of users.  I have yet to drop a call, or even loose signal for any reason other than i am in a “known O2 blackspot” or in a tunnel. To be fair, I generally use the headphones[…]

Dear Hootsuite, I love your web app, it is my Twitter client of choice for the desktop. Nothing, in my humble opinion, comes close… Nothing. So why oh why have you yet to either launch a decent iPad app or even better, allow access to your website app via an iPad? I am forced to use tweetdeck on my iPad to fulfil my tweeting addiction but I am unable to view my lists previously setup within hootsuite (I am aware I can set them up in tweetdeck, but I don’t want to). So in closing can i just summarise my request… Create a better app or allow access to your site via iPad, please. Many thanks, Paul.

Twice a day (sometimes more) I enter and exit Glasgow central station and every time, every single sodding time, the same guy offers me a paper. Being the polite sort I used to always smile and say no thank you but it’s been over 2 months now and I am sick of being polite. You would think that he would have started to recognise me by now! So incase you ever read this mr paper man at the argyle street entrance of Glasgow central station… “No, I would not like your ink pad of an advertising brochure. Please stop offering me it. All the best, Paul”

I got my iPhone in February this year after wanting one for a very long time.  I has a company mobile phone and coun’t really justify needing two mobile phones.  So the long awaited day finally arrived and i rushed home to plug it into iTunes and begin my new life! After giving my iPhone the required ammount of charge (what was reccomended by the O2 store) i unplugged and went about my merry way.  However after about 6 hours of the phone having been disconnvcted it alerted me with that oh so reguar message “20% battery life remaining”.  I was very disapointed but though perhaps the highly trained folks in the O2 store were wrong and i should leave[…]

I have recently become a regular user of public transport, buses to be exact, Munro’s of Jedburgh buses to be more exact and i am quite enjoying it.  I get the bus from Earlston to Edinburgh every day, about a 1 hour journey.  I find the majority of folks that get on the bus choose to sit in a seat on their own, which i am very happy with, very few people try and talk to me which i am also very happy about.  I am not anti-social but i like to just sit on the bus and listen to audiobooks/podcasts/music and be left alone, primarily because i do not have enough conversation for a stranger to last an hours[…]