So, a couple of weeks ago i attended ‘Future of web design’ in London. A fantastic 3 day event filled with fantastic talks and networking sessions. Due to the distance and the associated costs for my current employer we split the 2 day conference (the first day was workshops) between 3 members of our team; i attended the 1st day. I enjoyed every one of the talks i attended even though some were not directly related to my career path such as ‘Let jQuery Rock Your World’ by the very talented Matt Gifford. Side note; during Matt’s talk, i became his 1,000th follower, i was offered something from his pockets, I declined. And this leads me on nicely to the[…]

So, after years of being told that “I like the sound of my own voice” I decided to test that theory and head on over to The British Tech Network. To my shock, they agreed to let my random banter on their network?! And here it is… Sam’s first and last podcast Paul, Chis and Sam discuss the news and upcoming releases in the world of gaming. This week Sam alienates all Mario Fans, Chis gets comfortable and Paul still hasn’t completed Arkham City. Have a listen here…

On Monday, like most people, I received my usual daily torrent of junk mail (Vistaprint i’m looking at you in particular) but one stood out, mainly because of the first line (shown opposite).  “Dear [FIRST NAME]” it read, but wait, this was from Rackspace a company that would not make slip ups like this, they are a professional web savvy organization.  I then remembered their rather interesting marketting styles i have witnessed at a number of trade shows over the years, in particular the protest for “cheaper and better web hosting” outside Internet World in 2010.  So I came to the conclusion this was a new, interesting marketing style they were trying out.  I then realised that it had worked[…]

I just wanted to add my two cents to this media hype, yes, that what i believe it is. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen the problem and I have replicated the problem on my phone, in fact it has become something of a party piece of late.  But in regular use, when i am not trying to make it happen, I do not notice it, it doesn’t affect me and I would wager that the same is true for the majority of users.  I have yet to drop a call, or even loose signal for any reason other than i am in a “known O2 blackspot” or in a tunnel. To be fair, I generally use the headphones[…]

Dear Hootsuite, I love your web app, it is my Twitter client of choice for the desktop. Nothing, in my humble opinion, comes close… Nothing. So why oh why have you yet to either launch a decent iPad app or even better, allow access to your website app via an iPad? I am forced to use tweetdeck on my iPad to fulfil my tweeting addiction but I am unable to view my lists previously setup within hootsuite (I am aware I can set them up in tweetdeck, but I don’t want to). So in closing can i just summarise my request… Create a better app or allow access to your site via iPad, please. Many thanks, Paul.

The question: Should i get an iPhone4? For those of you who know me quite well, you will be forgiven for double checking the URL of the site you are currently viewing. “Paul Wheatley, questioning buying an Apple product??? Has the world gone mad???”. Perhaps I should explain… Since getting my iPad I rarely use my phone for anything beyond being a phone. Everything I would previously have used my iPhone for has been replaced with my iPad with the exception of SMS and using as an actual phone. Sure, there are some new features of the iPhone4 that some may be interested in but not me. The main features are as follows… Better camera and flash: I never use[…]

I moved my blog over to Square Space over the weekend and subsequently downloaded the iPhone app. I have to say; I am _very_ impressed with the app, as I write this I am standing on platform 1 at Glagow Central station on a beautiful sunny evening waiting for my train home. The app is slick and beautifully laid out, very similar to the web interface. The only thing that I would add to it would be the addition of syncing categories and tags but other than that a great app. Well done Square Space, if any of my apps (currently in devopment) turn out half as good as this one I will be a happy man!

Following my recent torrent of incoherent bloggings I have decided to write about what I wrote them on, exciting stuff, huh? As soon as i got my iPad i bought Pages, I was looking forward to writing documents (and blogs) on the move as well as accessing my iDisk on the move and editing and viewing documents from it’s depths. The evening I got my iPad I sat on the train on the way home and set to work hammering out a blog post about my buying experience. I wrote about 2 pages of text and found the experience to be an interesting one, not awful. A few minor irritants such as my pinkie missing the shift key now and again and the[…]