Being a well known Apple fanboy within my friends I would not be surprised if many of those people would be expecting me to rave about the awesomeness of the device and dry hump the thing across the pages of my blog. any they would be right to think that, after all, I am the guy who has said on many occasions that i would have bought it without seeing it!. If Mr Jobs had come on stage holding a black cube with a question mark on it back in January you can bet that i would have been first in the queue to purchase this new mystery Apple device. That being said, I am going to try and give the iPad[…]

Inspired by Rodti Macleary’s ( renewed blogging passion, I have decided to try and blog more often. I recently changed jobs which has given me the gift/curse of 2 hours in a train everyday which removes my old excuse of not having enough time. On saying that, it’s not as if I have anything relevant to say so perhaps it was better when I didn’t even try! You can be the judge of that. On Friday, like so many of my Apple brethren, I queued up for an iPad. I got into the queue at the Apple store in Glasgow at 7:30am and was surprised by the queue already formed. I had expected a queue, but not one the size I found, for those of[…]

I have recently become caught up in the location based app fad for the iPhone (and other devices), using services such technologies as Foursquare and Gowalla.  i was in a pub after work on Friday with two colleagues who had no idea what location based apps were let alone who or what foursquare and Gowalla were so i was given the task of explaining it. At that point it made me think about why i am even using them, i guess i had been swept up in the “will Foursquare beat Gowalla” debate without really thinking ‘do i _really_ need either of them to win?’ do i really need to check in everywhere i go?  The answer is the same[…]

I got my iPhone in February this year after wanting one for a very long time.  I has a company mobile phone and coun’t really justify needing two mobile phones.  So the long awaited day finally arrived and i rushed home to plug it into iTunes and begin my new life! After giving my iPhone the required ammount of charge (what was reccomended by the O2 store) i unplugged and went about my merry way.  However after about 6 hours of the phone having been disconnvcted it alerted me with that oh so reguar message “20% battery life remaining”.  I was very disapointed but though perhaps the highly trained folks in the O2 store were wrong and i should leave[…]

I discovered an amazing iPhone/web based app yesterday morning; reQall pronounced similar to recall i assume.  At its core its just another task management utility with a web based part and a fairly groovy iPhone part, that in itself is not that earth shattering as there are many, many task manager apps available for the iPhone, hell my cats even have a task manager iPhone app (okay they haven’t, but that would be cool and there are certainly enough folks making these task apps that someone must, eventually, create one to facilitate some kind of feline requirement).  Much as some of them are okay, a couple of them could even be classed as good, they are not good enough to[…]

Yahoo committed seppuku today. The once proud warrior of the internet space laid down its sword, knelt at the feet of Microsoft and gutted itself today. There was no honor in this death, it was one brought by the shame of losing to Google and a lack of faith in one’s ability to compete in the space they created. To be clear, Yahoo didn’t need to do this deal, Microsoft did. Ultimately Yahoo will look back at this moment as the second–and perhaps fatal–mistake in their epic history. Search is the most important business of the 21st century and owning a commanding lead in second place is not insignificant. At one time Yahoo was the number one search engine and[…]