Dear Hootsuite, I love your web app, it is my Twitter client of choice for the desktop. Nothing, in my humble opinion, comes close… Nothing. So why oh why have you yet to either launch a decent iPad app or even better, allow access to your website app via an iPad? I am forced to use tweetdeck on my iPad to fulfil my tweeting addiction but I am unable to view my lists previously setup within hootsuite (I am aware I can set them up in tweetdeck, but I don’t want to). So in closing can i just summarise my request… Create a better app or allow access to your site via iPad, please. Many thanks, Paul.

I moved my blog over to Square Space over the weekend and subsequently downloaded the iPhone app. I have to say; I am _very_ impressed with the app, as I write this I am standing on platform 1 at Glagow Central station on a beautiful sunny evening waiting for my train home. The app is slick and beautifully laid out, very similar to the web interface. The only thing that I would add to it would be the addition of syncing categories and tags but other than that a great app. Well done Square Space, if any of my apps (currently in devopment) turn out half as good as this one I will be a happy man!