Following my recent torrent of incoherent bloggings I have decided to write about what I wrote them on, exciting stuff, huh? As soon as i got my iPad i bought Pages, I was looking forward to writing documents (and blogs) on the move as well as accessing my iDisk on the move and editing and viewing documents from it’s depths. The evening I got my iPad I sat on the train on the way home and set to work hammering out a blog post about my buying experience. I wrote about 2 pages of text and found the experience to be an interesting one, not awful. A few minor irritants such as my pinkie missing the shift key now and again and the[…]

I have recently become caught up in the location based app fad for the iPhone (and other devices), using services such technologies as Foursquare and Gowalla.  i was in a pub after work on Friday with two colleagues who had no idea what location based apps were let alone who or what foursquare and Gowalla were so i was given the task of explaining it. At that point it made me think about why i am even using them, i guess i had been swept up in the “will Foursquare beat Gowalla” debate without really thinking ‘do i _really_ need either of them to win?’ do i really need to check in everywhere i go?  The answer is the same[…]

I discovered an amazing iPhone/web based app yesterday morning; reQall pronounced similar to recall i assume.  At its core its just another task management utility with a web based part and a fairly groovy iPhone part, that in itself is not that earth shattering as there are many, many task manager apps available for the iPhone, hell my cats even have a task manager iPhone app (okay they haven’t, but that would be cool and there are certainly enough folks making these task apps that someone must, eventually, create one to facilitate some kind of feline requirement).  Much as some of them are okay, a couple of them could even be classed as good, they are not good enough to[…]